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30 Years+ Experience Web Agency Environment Managing In-House and Offshore Teams Technical Project Management Banking, Finance and E-Commerce Digital Marketing Payment Systems Umbraco CMS Full Stack Web Development Server Management Accessibility Search Engine Optimisation Technical Documentation Devops & agile project management

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My Skills and Experience

I am a skilled and versatile technical professional with over 30 years of experience in a multitude of roles and industries.

With a strong background in project management, digital marketing, SEO and website development. I have successfully delivered high-quality solutions for clients such as Santander, Alton Towers, Machine Mart, Phaidon and Leicester City Council.

How Can I Help You?

I can help you with any online challenges you might be facing. Whether it's improving your conversion rates, updating or simplifying your website, managing your technical projects, or anything else, I've got you covered.

I've worked in many different industries and am experienced in digital marketing, development and project management. Whatever you want to achieve online, I can help you get there.

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Blog Image for Hashtag Hatred?
19 Feb 2024

Hashtag Hatred?

New Platforms such as Threads and Bluesky are Bucking the Trend and Signalling a Shift in Social Media

Blog Image for How to Convince Your Boss or Client to Make Their Site Accessible
10 Oct 2023

How to Convince Your Boss or Client to Make Their Site Accessible

This weekend I was at a talk about accessibility where a member of the audience asked how they could convince their boss that they should make their website accessible. He didn't get the answer he wanted!

Blog Image for DDD East Midlands - October 2023
09 Oct 2023

DDD East Midlands - October 2023

Anybody who knows me or has read my blog previously knows that I love the DDD conferences. The latest one was this weekend. It's a totally free conference, has great speakers, great food and you get to hang out with like-minded tech people.

Blog Image for How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Do you ever wonder how Instagram decides what to show you? In a rare hint of transparency, Adam Mosseri, the big boss of Instagram, explained how the app's magic works and how you can have some control over it.

Blog Image for Why Don't You Have a Website?

Why Don't You Have a Website?

Recently I've seen a strange trend of companies without a website. It seems that a growing number of small businesses rely on Facebook pages instead of having their own websites. This may seem convenient and cost-effective, but it limits your online presence and potential customers.

Blog Image for 18th May 2023 - Google Digital Garage Training Day in York

18th May 2023 - Google Digital Garage Training Day in York

One great thing about living and working in York is that the city of York Council has an initiative to assist small to medium businesses, especially in the digital arena. Last week, as part of this, they teamed up with Google to provide a digital skills training day in the heart of the city

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