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Are You Having Concerns About Your Website?

Do you feel your website isn't working for you? Is it not appearing on Google even though you think you've done everything right, maybe it's really slow or failing to attract visitors and convert them into customers. You're not alone.

Many small businesses struggle with websites that don't deliver results. But it is really tough on business owners who don't have the technical knowledge to know how to work out why their site isn't working, or are having problems getting an answer out of their website developers.

The GOOD NEWS is that it can always be fixed

My Skills and Experience

I am a skilled and versatile technical professional with over 30 years of experience in a multitude of roles and industries.

With a strong background in project management, digital marketing, SEO and website development. I have successfully delivered high-quality solutions for clients such as Santander, Alton Towers, Machine Mart, Phaidon and Leicester City Council.

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15 Apr 2024

What's Your Leadership Style?

One of the delights of being "Open To Work" is that you get to chat with lots of "Recruitment Specialists", and having to answer the same questions over and again... About myself, my work history, my skills etc... However, the other day I got asked a question which got me flummoxed... Which was "What is your leadership style"

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14 Apr 2024

I Am Really Cool!

Most of you know I'm currently looking for a new position, and I thought I'd give myself a lift by finding out what people think of me, and in particular, did they think I was cool?!?! I didn't want to ask people outright on here because... Well, how vain is that!?!

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12 Apr 2024

Stay clear of using the F-Word in business!

Yesterday morning, I spent some time with local business people when I attended a Business over Breakfast networking event. One of the interesting things I learned was the inherent hatred for that F-Word!